MPEH LLC’s floating LNG export project will utilize Global LNG Services' (GLS) LIQUI-MAX™ platform
and be permitted by the U.S. Maritime Administration as a Deepwater Natural Gas Port.
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The Company

  • Global LNG Services AS (GLS), established in 2013, is executing its plan to build, own, and operate a fleet of high volume, low cost floating liquefaction, storage, and offloading vessels (FLNGs) for export of natural gas from locations in the U.S. and other global locations
  • In 2016, GLS was selected by Freeport-McMoRan Energy™ (FME) to acquire and develop its Main Pass Energy Hub™ (MPEH) project as a location for the first of a series of standardized liquefaction only FLNG vessels to be developed and operated globally
  • MPEH was previously permitted in 2007 by the Maritime Administration (MARAD) as a Deepwater Natural Gas Port for the importation and regasification of LNG, processing and storage of natural gas in on-site underground salt caverns, and pipeline transportation of natural gas and NGLs to nearby markets
  • GLS has developed LIQUI-MAX™ Vessels (LMVs) based on its own proprietary LIQUI-MAX™ platform, a highly efficient patent protected natural gas processing and liquefaction technology for FLNG vessels, with per vessel throughput rates of 12 million tons per annum, resulting in industry leading low unit cost
  • GLS will charter its low cost patent protected floating liquefaction solution into globally stranded gas projects providing reduced Capex, lower liquefaction cost and off-balance sheet financing for LNG project owners.
  • The MPEH site coupled with GLS technology and commercial strategy will provide the first of many industry leading low cost LNG liquefaction facilities
  • GLS mission is to develop and deploy the cleanest, safest and lowest cost floating liquefaction, storage and off-loading solution to enable large scale supply of LNG at a cost below the coal to gas switching cost
  • The Global Gas Industry, through coal to gas switching, can significantly reduce CO2 emissions

The GLS Breakthrough – LIQUI-MAXTM

  • New industry benchmark established following 6 years of innovation and reconfiguration of existing technology achieve minimum cost levels for Capex and Opex
  • Gas pre-processing is located off of the liquefaction vessel providing generic vessel functionality – liquefaction, storage and offloading only
  • Low unit cost driven by standardized design, global competitive bidding by shipyards and high liquefaction rates per vessel of 12 million tons per annum
  • Air Products AP-C1 process design and process air cooling ensure the highest Safety and Environmental Performance Levels
  • Proprietary air cooling lay-out on cantilever in combination with the most recent air cooler developments provide 100% process air cooling

    Protected by Multiple Patents Applications


Unique Design

  • Separation of Pre-Processing and Liquefaction
  • Scalable 6 to 12 MTPA LNG output per vessel
  • 100 % process air cooling - patented
  • Liquefaction using Air Products AP-C1 Process
  • Efficient and safer than mixed hydrocarbon refrigerants
  • Thrusters for offloading and positioning
  • Side by Side, Parallel (with HiLoad) or Tandem offloading
  • 390,000 m3 storage per vessel (GTT Mark III)
  • Design supports current permitting criteria
  • Standardized design – series production
  • Design for US GoM sea states with 1,000-year storm return period

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Acquired MPEH

  • On November 16, 2016, GLS subsidiary Main Pass LMC AS acquired the rights to the MPEH project from FME
  • GLS is developing MPEH as the first of many global liquefaction projects to utilize its LIQUI-MAX™ platform
  • GLS is negotiating with Asian off-takers for the full 12 MTPA capacity of the first LMV at MPEH, including the anchor position with the industry-lowest tolling fee of $1.50 per MMBtu for part of the 12 MTPA capacity.

GLS Contact

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